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Juventutem 2011 - Twitter Feed

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7-Aug-11 23:55 Juventutem pilgrims Jeremy Chau and @paulcschultz in a basilica in Valencia, on their way to Bilbao. yfrog.com/klls5cgj

8-Aug-11 0:39 Jeremy and Paul meet Fr. Barnaba and part of the congregation after Barcelona's pruncipal sung TLM yfrog.com/gz9szsmlj

8-Aug-11 22:58 Fr. Francesc Espinar warmly welcomed the pilgrims to a Monday morning TLM in Fondo (Barcelona's Chinatown) yfrog.com/kj9dbalj

9-Aug-11 16:37 The catechesis is begun in Amorebieta-Extano! yfrog.com/h2v0ohwj

9-Aug-11 16:39 The French are here too, in good numbers yfrog.com/hsr6yazj

10-Aug-11 13:03 Today's catechesis will be next to the Atlantic yfrog.com/kim3pngj

10-Aug-11 13:11 Rev. Dominic Savoie, FSSP seminarian from Texas, joined the Juventutem pilgrims in Spain

10-Aug-11 15:18 After the climb up from the sea, Fr. de Malleray gives the English pilgrims a talk yfrog.com/h4ck3qyj

11-Aug-11 1:46 The Carmelites' chapel in Amorebieta-Extano yfrog.com/h7id3vpj

11-Aug-11 11:13 Daily Mass is at 900 this week and 1130 in Madrid, next week. yfrog.com/kej3sljj

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